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A curated list of resources for practitioners

Websites Useful In Finding Drug Information

Instructional Videos

General Statistical Resources

  • Statpages: Web pages that perform statistical calculations 
    Great general reference with lots of interactive pages. Links to online statistical pages. Worth browsing the intro page to see all the available resources. It is dated in format but is still a good launching pad for stat resources.
  • Reading Statistics and Research 
    Companion website for the book: Huck SW. Reading Statistics and Research 6th edition. Boston: Pearsons, 2012: The website has lots of quizzes and resources to work through. The "Misconceptions" section is good to help solidify key concepts. Also, there are online rsources (other websites). Also, there is a section that points you to online resources (other websites and quizzes.
  • Rice University Virtual Lab in Statistics 
    Hyperstat: statistics "book" with links to other stat sites; simulations and demonstrations: lots of visuals to explain concepts; case studies with some medical examples; and analysis lab demonstrates how to work with data. While it will look dated, it still has great examples.
  • Statistics to use 
    Covers common statistical tests and concepts. Good graphics to illustrate points.
  • Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis 
    Allows you to conduct statistical analysis directly in the program. Also has sample size and power calculators. Good to give you a feel for how the various statistical tests works—just pluck in some data points and play!
  • CDC: Epi Info Home Page 
    Free downloadable software for handling data sets, conducting surveys. Has sample size calculator as well.
  • Wikipedia  plus search any stats term you are looking up
    Under usual circumstances we would not recommend Wikipedia as a resource because of the open source nature of the reference. However, we have found it may be a good place to start for descriptions for many statistical terms and it provides good links to other resources. This link is specific to the statistics section which gives a brief primer; the resources at the end are good too. Please be sure to check other references as well.
  • Multiplicity and Statistical Adjustments for Type I Error 
    Article from New England Journal of Medicine.

Sample Size and Power Calcuators

Resources for finding statistics on diseases and demographics