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A curated list of resources for practitioners

Websites Useful In Finding Drug Information


  • American Cancer Society 
    Geared for health professionals and patients. Emphasis on cancer prevention. Information in Spanish and Asian Languages.
  • CA: A cancer journal for clinicians 
    Published by the American Cancer Society. Covers a wide variety of topics. Provides global cancer statistics information as well as other epidemiologic cancer information.
  • National Cancer Institute 
    Features cancer information, research programs and funding, clinical trials information, cancer statitics, and latest news.
  • National Cancer Institute Adverse Drug Event Criteria
    NCI Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program Adverse Drug Event Toxicity Criteria Rating (often used for grading ADRs in product labeling)
  • National Cancer Institute Drug Name Dictionary 
    NCI’s drug name dictionary provides any synonyms used in clinical trials, and may also give a description of the medication class.
  • National Cancer Institute Cancer Terms Dictionary 
    Defines cancer terms used in clinical trials and cancer therapy (eg, event-free survival, progression-free survival).
  • OncologySTAT 
    General resource for health professionals. Features cancer information, trial information, and latest news.
  • Cancer Letter* 
    Subscription publication that covers current topics in cancer treatment and shortages of cancer drugs. Includes coverage of cancer treatment centers, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, FDA, Congress and the pharmaceutical industry. Available to UU clinicians by IP address login.

Cancer Epidemiology

Clinical trials

Oncology Clinical Guidelines

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*Resource available to University of Utah Health staff