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Crema Piel De Seda (Silky Skin Cream) May Cause Mercury Poisoning

February 5, 2016

An FDA laboratory analysis identified mercury in Crema Piel De Seda (Silking Skin Cream). Crema Piel De Seda is a Spanish-labeled product manufactured in Mexico by Viansilk, and is used to promote skin whitening, treat acne, and remove warts and blemishes. It can be purchased at flea markets or local retail outlets, primarily in Spanish-speaking communities. Mercury causes serious renal and nervous system injuries, and inhibits brain development in children. Mercury poisoning presents with signs and symptoms of depression, shyness, irritability, memory problems, vision changes, hearing changes, tremors, and hands, feet, or mouth numbness and tingling.

Discontinue Viansilk’s Crema Piel De Seda use immediately, and wash all parts of the body that have contacted the product. Seal the product in a leak-proof container or plastic bag for disposal, and contact your local health, environment, or solid waste agency regarding proper disposal of the product.

If you have used this product, consult your health care provider for medical advice. Report all adverse events and side effects of Crema Piel De Seda to FDA’s MedWatch Reporting Program.

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February 5, 2016; University of Utah, Drug Information Service. Copyright 2016, Drug Information Service, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.