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Homeopathic Asthma Products May Pose Health Risks

March 20, 2015

FDA is advising patients to avoid homeopathic asthma products available over-the-counter (OTC). These products typically include the word “homeopathic” on the label and list the ingredients based on their dilution (eg, “30C” or “10X” or “LM1”). Homeopathic products are marketed as “natural” or “safe and effective”, but FDA does not evaluate the safety and efficacy of these products. Life-threatening breathing problems may occur if asthma is not appropriately treated. Many prescription medications are approved by FDA as effective treatments for asthma.

Patients with asthma are encouraged to ensure that they have safe and effective medications available to treat an attack and to take an active role in disease state management. Report any adverse events or side effects related to homeopathic asthma products to FDA’s MedWatch reporting program. Additional information is available at the following link:

March 20, 2015; University of Utah, Drug Information Service. Copyright 2015,
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