Pharmacy Services

Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics

    Provides background information on the SF-36 and also gives free demos of the SF-8, SF-12, and SF-36
  • International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes
    Website for the ISPOR organization; provides links to other pharmacoeconomic-related sites.
  • International Society for Quality of Life Research
    Provides extensive list of links to health-related quality of life research.
  • The Cost Effectiveness Analysis Registry
    Website from Harvard School of Public Health. Provides information on cost-effectiveness analysis.
  • Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
    In the section "Economic Evaluation of Medical Technology" there is a cost-utility database and tables of life expectancy gains from medical interventions.
  • Academy of Health Services Research and Health Policy: Academy Health
    National policy center for US
    Provides access to articles pertaining to ethical issues related to pharmaceutical development and use.
  • Department of Family and Preventative Medicine at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    Provides clinical decision making calculators such as NNT, decision analysis, contingency tables, Bayesian graphs
  • Society for Medical Decision Making
    Provides good references and related links. Need to be a member to access certain portions of sites. Has a cost-effectiveness analysis resource list of web-sites.
    Provides various links for health related databases
  • Medical Outcomes Trust
    Site for ordering various outcome measurement tools
    Order publications (free of charge) regarding benchmark data on costs, unit of use, and services utilized for various diseases
  • Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group
    A printable worksheet for healthcare professionals on analyzing an outcomes study
  • National Committee for Quality Assurance
    Site which can provide report cards on various health plans. Also can order HEDIS data.
  • Pharmscope
    Provides headline news, formulary kits, managed care pharmacy trends. Must register for user name and password.
  • Pharmacoeconomics
    A site that provides a tutorial for pharmacists on understanding pharmacoeconomics
  • Formulary
    Access to complete articles that have been published in Formulary regarding practical pharmacoeconomics
  • Managed Care Digest
    Detailed statistical information on various healthcare markets. Site supported by Aventis.
  • CDC Healthy Days
    Information on health-related quality of life measures
  • Quality of Life Instruments Database
    Access to various health status questionnaires
  • PedsQL
    A quality of life assessment tool for pediatrics
  • MAPI Research Institute
    International helath outcomes organization with expertise in linguistic and cultural validation of health status questionnaires.