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Pharmacy Services


General Statistical Resources

  • Statpages: Web pages that perform statistical calculations
    Great general reference with lots of interactive pages. Links to online statistical pages. Worth browsing the intro page to see all the available resources.
  • Reading Statistics and Research
    Companion website for the book: Huck SW. Reading Statistics and Research 6th edition. Boston: Pearsons, 2012: The website has lots of quizzes and resources to work through. The "Misconceptions" section is good to help solidify key concepts.
  • Open Epi: Open Source Epidemologic Statistics for Public Health
    Tool bar makes this easy navigate. Has sample size calculator as well as many other resources.
  • Rice University Virtual Lab in Statistics
    Hyperstat: statistics "book" with links to other stat sites; simulations and demonstrations: lots of visuals to explain concepts; case studies with some medical examples; and analysis lab demonstrates how to work with data.
  • Statistics to use
    Covers common statistical tests and concepts. Good graphics to illustrate points.
  • Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis
    Allows you to conduct statistical analysis directly in the program. Good to give you a feel for how the different statistical tests work.
  • CDC: Epi Info Home Page
    Free downloadable software for handling data sets, conducting surveys. Has sample size calculator as well.
  • Wikipedia plus search any stats term you are looking up
    Under usual circumstances we would not recommend Wikipedia as a resource because of the open source nature of the reference. However, we have found it may be a good place to start for descriptions for many statistical terms and it provides good links to other resources. This link is specific to the statistics section which gives a brief primer; the resources at the end are good too. Please be sure to check other references as well.
  • Multiplicity and Statistical Adjustments for Type I Error
    Article from New England Journal of Medicine.

Sample Size and Power Calcuators

  • See also StatPages and OpenEpi (above)
  • JavaStat: retrospective power analysis
    Post-hoc power analysis. Good to use as a reader of the literature if authors fail to address power. Good description of controversy.
  • PS: Power and Sample Size calculations (Vanderbilt)
    Software that can be downloaded to calculate sample size. Addresses several hard to find issues in sample size calculations (eg, paired data).
  • Creative Research Systems: sample size calculator
    Sample size calculator for survey research.

Resources for finding statistics on diseases and demographics

  • CDC: Data and Statistics
    Links to scientific data on statistics and scientific laboratory data.
  • National Center for Health Statistics
    Provides national health, morbidity, and mortality statistics and offers free access to specific data warehouses.