The conference will be held on the bustling University of Utah campus. The following parking options will help you get to the conference on time and avoid ticketing.

  • For all of our local attendees, we would encourage you to use public transportation, if at all possible. The bus and Trax does bring you right up to the hospital and it’s not a far walk from the Trax stop and the bus stop at the hospital to the College of Pharmacy and Health Education & Science Building. Carpooling is also encouraged.
  • For all of our attendees staying at The University Guest House, please, if you can, leave your automobiles parked at the Hotel. You are just a few steps from our conference.
  • For anyone who has a handicap sticker, we do have just a very few “handicapped” spots directly south of the Health Science & Education Building. There are only a few and it is first come first served.
  • For those employed at the university, please use your usual mode of transportation and parking facilities for the conference.
  • For all of those who will be driving to campus the days of the conference, parking is available to you at no charge. It is lot 81 (Shoreline Parking Terrace) and it is behind the medical towers. (See map) It is approximately a 5 minute walk to the conference site.


University of Utah Health Pharmacy Services

In partnership with

The George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Intermountain Healthcare