Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services


Investigational Drug Service

University of Utah Health
Huntsman Cancer Hospital
1950 Circle of Hope, Suite N2545
Salt Lake City, UT  84112

The established operating hours for the IDS at UUH are 7:00am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.  The service is closed on weekends and all holidays observed by UUH.


Video Tour of New Space

A tour of Investigational Drug Services' new space at the Huntsman Cancer Institute at University of Utah Health.





Standard Operational Procedures (SOP)


IDS Personnel

Name Title Email
Berrie Child Pharmacist
Kristie Holbrook Pharmacist
Jacob Majers Pharmacist
Michelle Ngo Pharmacist
Winter Redd Pharmacist
Michael Voight Pharmacist
Melissa Webb Pharmacist
Brittney Scharman Technician
Cody Nesbit Technician
Mindy Suttlemyre Technician
Michelle Hillman Technician
Jason Worthen Technician
Whitney Crosgrove Technician
Hannah Harvey Technician


Temperature/Storage Capabilities

Storage Device Centigrade Fahrenheit
Controlled room temperature 15° to 25° 59° to 77°
Refrigerator 2° to 8° 35.6° to 46.4°
-20°C Freezer* -25° to -10° -13° to 14°
-20°C Freezer** -30° to -25° -22° to -13 °
-80°C Freezer* -84.4° to -70° -120° to -94°
*University of Utah Health Huntsman Cancer Hospital and Farmington Health Center locations only.
**University of Utah Health South Jordan Health Center location only.


Satellites Sites and IDS

Satellite: a UUH facility that that is not physically adjoined or connected to the University of Utah Hospital or the Huntsman Cancer Hospital that performs drug accountability for IP. There are currently three UUH satellites that IDS is affiliated with; South Jordan, Farmington, and Sugarhouse.

South Jordan Health Center
Infusion Pharmacy
5126 West Daybreak Parkway, Room 112
South Jordan, UT 84009
Ph: 801-213-4567
Fax: 801-213-4555
Hours: M-F, 7am-6pm; not open on weekends or institutional holidays

Farmington Health Center
Infusion Pharmacy
165 N University Ave, Rm. 109
Farmington, UT 84025
Ph: 801-231-6621
Fax: 801-213-6603
Hours: M-F, 7am-5pm; not open on weekends or institutional holidays

Sugarhouse Health Center
Infusion Pharmacy
1280 Stringham Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Hours: M-F, 7am-5:30pm; not open on weekends or institutional holidays