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Pharmacy Services

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Abstract Writing

Ethics in Medical Publishing (including Authorship Guidelines)


Writing Tips

  • University of Oklahoma: Tips on Scientific Writing
    Simple overview of factors in excellent scientific writing.
  • Online Writing Lab at Purdue University
    Large index of printer-friendly handouts on an array of issues related to improved writing skills
  • Elements of Style on
    Summarizes the contents of the classic reference for writers by Strunk and White.
  • The King's English on
    Summarizes the contents of classic reference book discussing rules of style and grammar.
  • Writing and Speaking Guidelines for Engineering and Science
    Links to a variety of discussions of how to write presentations, letters, formal reports, and other scientific documents.
  • Resources for Writers
    Links to a variety of style guides, writing tips, editing tips and copyright information.
  • Refdesk Dictionaries and Online Resources
    Links to almost 200 writing resources, including dictionaries, English-to-other language (and back) dictionaries, acronym finders, and glossaries.
  • Refdesk Quotation Resources
    Links to over 40 quotation resources or thesauri.
  • AMA Style Guide
    Based on American Medical Association Manual of Style, 10th ed., 2007.

Referencing Tips

Other Issues